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Blueprint's in-house engineering capacity enables us to produce project specific design and system calculations undertaken to British Standards.

BluePrint's range of structural services include:

  • All calculations work to (BS5268; BS5628; BS5950 Pts. 1, 5 & 9; BS6399: Pt 2) and or Eurocode (including Eurocodes1; 3; 5; 6 & 9; CIB 2000) requirements as applicable.
  • The design and detailing to structural elements for new schemes and/or modifications of existing structures.
  • Full assessment of applied loadings on cladding support systems including, dead & live loads, wind loads, earthquake loads & temperature loads. 
  • Structural design of cladding & roofing profiles from 1st principals (steel, aluminium, copper, zinc, titanium etc).
  • Structural assessment of entire building envelope coverings (trapezoidal, tray, composite cladding – including diaphragm in plane shear panels alleviating the requirement for bracing).
  • Structural assessment of cladding & roofing support systems, including design from first principals of steel, timber & aluminium support systems from the structural substrate using either project specific bespoke and uniquely developed profiles, or standard commercially available support systems (HILTI, Nvelope, Ayrshire, A&L, SFS etc.) or a combination of the two.


This allows Blueprint the capacity to design and co-ordinate the schemes of complex support systems while understanding and developing practical design detailing.


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